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Welcome from Jeune
Isis @ our first MBA's

Verve Connections was a UK National project pioneered by Isis and Jeune Guishard-Pine, but has thankfully expanded to becoming an international company specialising in events and experiences for all. As a mother-daughter team, we see the importance of events that are inter-generational, modern, fun and educational. Our passion for education, travel and tourism, and knack for hospitality allows us to create experiences that take in the needs of everyone. 

Our Story

Why Verve?

With decades of experience in Events Management and Hospitality between the team, we combine our St Kitts-Nevis heritage, our British know-how, and our love of travel to give our guests an ultimate bespoke experience. Dr. Jeune has an extensive history of community development and innovative projects commencing in 1981, and has continued throughout her chosen career as a child and family psychologist.  Whilst managing an extensive career, Jeune maintained her love of travel and travelled to … countries. As her daughter, Isis decided to find her own passion in hospitality by studying an Events Management degree at the UK Centre for Events Management in Leeds. After specialising in Managing Major and Cultural Events, Isis split time between working in a leading Events department in the Royal Lancaster London Hotel working with the St Kitts Tourism Authority. Over 10 years, she worked and studied various companies, learning a variety of customer service processes.

Today, we’re working on post-COVID, fresh concepts for group tours, events and the addition of personalised vacations. With new projects on the roster every year, personal engagement is at the heart of what we do. From the Jazz n Lime Cruise to the SKANKOFA St. Kitts to Ghana trip; we only plan unique, educational and fun memories for all.

St Kitts 

Jeune: All of its multiple hidden secrets being perpetually discovered! Outstanding, natural beauty….. A riveting history….. And a plethora of talented people that are emerging on a daily basis.

Isis: Beautiful views from absolutely everywhere! But if I have to pick an event, it would be Shipwreck Sundays. Live music, beautiful views, perfect sunset, decent food and wild monkeys!!


Jeune: The Oasis Thai restaurant at the Botanical Gardens.

Isis: I have to admit, I have not explored Nevis as much as I would like to. But any time I visit, I HAVE to go to the Hot Baths.

Favourite things about SKN

Who we are

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