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Verve Vacations

Connecting you to paradise...

With a degree in Events Management, a specialist career in customer service, and a personal connection to St Kitts and Nevis. Isis who was born and bred in London, England gives you a fresh and unique look at the islands with a professional and creative touch. As your holidaymaker, Isis, does all the pre-planning directly with you, ensuring that before you reach the islands your vacation is planned to perfection so that you can fully relax and enjoy.

As your Personal Concierge, when getting to St Kitts you are met by a representative who will be taking care of you during your stay with us. You will receive a welcome bag and a local phone to use. As your time in St Kitts goes on, any changes you wish to make to your pre-planned itinerary is no problem. It’s your vacation, we are just here to help you feel comfortable. So relax, take it easy and as we say here ‘Rush Slowly’.

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